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Gettright or Die Grinding


Produce the Music Album of Your Life

Our Recording Studio's are Open to Aspiring Artists & Producers 

Imagine yourself standing in front of a huge crowd and performing on stage. You can hear the audience singing the songs you have written. It feels great, right? This can be your reality! If you want to become a successful musician, look no further than Gettright Records 

We will help you build your career by first getting you registered with the right Pro Agencies & recording and releasing an album of your own. All you have to do is prepare your music, and we’ll do the rest. TAP IN with us in Atlanta, Georgia to learn more about what our record company can do for you. We hope to meet you soon! 

The Life Story of Our Owner

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A Goal We Want to Achieve

To provide knowledge to aspiring  entrepreneurs and artists and help them make a profit in the Entertainment Industry 

Where Recording Artists & Entrepreneurs Are Born

Gettright Records  is a record company that  was founded by Christopher Scott, also known as “Tyestick.” Since 1994, we have helped countless musicians express themselves through melodies and harmonies. What sets us apart is that we do business the industry way. You can be sure that with us, you are in good hands.

For us, it’s not just about serving as a music college to people who want to fulfill their dreams as a musician. We want to help every aspiring artist take the spotlight in the music scene. Don’t just imagine an album of your songs. Make it come to life!

Satisfy Your Soul With Great Music