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Gettright ​Records South​​

Come Be Apart Of A Winnin​g Team

Tap In Now

Tap In Now

We are Currently Looking for the Next Hottest Producers, Engineers, & Photographers in & Around Atlanta.

Do you Shoot Music Videos, Documentaries, Short Films , Animation or Movies And want to Take Your Game To The Next Level Then Tap In And Grow beyond your Biggest Dreams.

Here At Gettright Records South  we are Bringing The Hottest Talent From all Over And Giving Them A Place to Call Home.

(Gettright Records South)


Gettright Visuals

We Provide All The Tools You Need to Succeed Just Bring Your A -Game to the tablet.

Don't Have The Equipment you need to Create What You Want Don't worry When Your Family You Have A All Access Pass To Everything We Have in Are Arsenal

You Heard Right.

So Tap In And See What All The Hype Is About